NOTICE: Our retail shop is closed and Make Your Own Pottery sessions have been suspended until further notice as part of the community effort to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We are fulfilling online orders and wholesale orders.

Island Stoneware is a leading maker of remarkable, handmade pottery crafted for everyday use. All our pottery is handmade by our own craftspeople. Based on spectacular Prince Edward Island, we draw creative inspiration from the landscape and culture of the Island to create unique and memorable collections.

Our studio is located in the beautiful city of Summerside. Island Stoneware is a manufacturing wholesaler and we sell our handmade pottery to retailers across Canada and the United States. We also have a small retail shop at the front of our studio. Please, come visit!

Make your own pottery

Experience the joy of making your own pottery creation. Learn about what it takes to be a potter every day.

Cream and Sugar Set - Beach House Collection

Inspired by the land & sea

Each one of our nine unique collections is inspired by our life as Islanders. Our culture and our work is shaped every day the land and sea.

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