Island Stoneware studio exterior
Island Stoneware studio in Summerside

Island Stoneware pottery is made by Perry Niessen Studios Inc., owned and operated by Randy Perry and Jamie Niessen, and staffed with a terrific team of craftspeople. We started in 2008 as Right Off the Batt pottery and changed our name to Island Stoneware. We recently re-located our studio to Summerside from Borden-Carleton.

Randy, Jamie & Roxie
Randy, Jamie & Roxie the puggle

Randy is originally from Summerside and after more than 25 years of living across Canada and the U.S., he decided it was time to move home. He still works full-time as a software developer but contributes to the studio on evenings and weekends.

Jamie is originally from southern Alberta and he, too, has lived, worked and studied across Canada and in the U.S. (He’s proudly wearing a cap from his alma mater, Cornell University). Jamie runs the day-to-day operations of the studio, including making pottery. He’s learning to throw on the wheel but rest assured, Island Stoneware doesn’t sell anything he makes on the wheel (yet).

Roxie is a puggle enjoying the island life. She’s almost 10 and still doesn’t have a job. She’s not cut out for the studio because she likes to bark hello to every new person who comes through the door.

Meet the Potters

Elsa Valinas

Elsa Valinas is an industrial and interior designer, born and raised in the chaotic and colourful Mexico City. She decided to turn her life 180° to find a better and more creative way of life. She moved to Canada and studied Ceramics at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. She met Jamie and Randy who invited her to visit their studio in P.E.I. She fell in love with both and, after graduating, she moved to the Island to join the studio in the Fall of 2019.

Rachel Ballem

Rachel joined Island Stoneware in 2019. Originally from Summerside, she started as a self-taught sculptor using newpaper and a food processor to create her first sculpting material. She moved on to polymer clay and then to stoneware clay. She’s been potting for over 20 years and, in fact, was taught by our other potter, Darren Matheson. Rachel is the mom of two grown kids and a menagerie of animals.

Darren Matheson throwing on the wheel

Darren Matheson

Darren joined Island Stoneware in 2014 and still maintains his own independent studio, Trout River Pottery (his wares are available at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market). Darren is known by many as Mugs Matheson and has been potting for over 30 years. He’s the proud father of three and grandfather of two.

Our Principles

Inspired Design

The heart of our studio is the design of our products. As proud Islanders, our collections draw inspiration from the landscape and heritage of our home. From the red sandstone cliffs and rolling pastures to the breaking waves of blue, our natural environment is a never-ending source of wonder. Our cultural influences show up, too. You’ll see it in our collections inspired by the Island’s Celtic heritage and our role as the birthplace of Confederation.

Handmade with Purpose and Passion

Every single item is remarkably crafted by hand. Not a single piece of Island Stoneware is machine made. Each piece is touched by a human hand, skillfully crafted with purpose and passion.

Island Stoneware is a company committed to a small carbon footprint

Island Stoneware goes through tonnes of clay per year, and since every piece is handcrafted, there is waste. However, 100% of pre-fired clay waste resulting from production is recycled for reuse. Summerside generates ~45% of its power from renewable sources and all Island Stoneware kilns are powered by electricity.