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Mirabella by Elizabeth Burry Designs: Retailer Spotlight

Island Stoneware display at Mirabella by Elizabeth Burry Designs

Island Stoneware is a wholesale supplier of handmade pottery and we ship our remarkably handcrafted pottery to retailers from from Newfoundland to British Columbia, and down into the United States.

Today we shine our spotlight on Mirabella in the beautiful historic town of Trinity, Newfoundland & Labrador.

Mirabella means ” to admire beautiful things……”  and it is the name of Elizabeth Burry’s studio, gallery & artisan shop. Elizabeth creates her own beautiful jewelry and “artscape” paintings. She also showcases the work of primarily Atlantic Canadian artisans, including Island Stoneware.

Here is a picture of her recent Island Stoneware display. If you’re in Newfoundland this summer stop by Mirabella, you won’t be disappointed! (And, say hi for us.)

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Introducing Play in Clay, our hands-on, pottery making experience

“I didn’t just make pottery, I made memories. And, I get to take a piece of the Island home with me and be reminded of my wonderful vacation every single day. Thank you!”

– Vanessa, Play in Clay participant

If you’re like a growing number of people, you want to do more than SEE things on vacation, you want DO things. If you’re looking to travel better, on a deeper more emotional and personal level, we invite you to join us for Play in Clay, our new hands-on pottery making sessions at Island Stoneware.

Make your own pottery participants showing off their pottery creations
Make your own pottery participants showing off their pottery creations

If you’re looking to experience Prince Edward Island by connecting to its people and culture, then the opportunity to get hands-on and make your own pottery in the heart of our busy, active pottery studio is the experience for you.

Play in Clay is a 2-hour, hands-on pottery making experience. You will make and decorate your own pottery from what is called slab. To build from slab you will roll the clay out flat and then shape it around forms of your choosing. Building from slab is fun because it is easy to learn the basics in just a few minutes. Play in Clay does not use a potter’s wheel. Finished pieces will be ready approximately two weeks after your session. (Don’t worry, we can ship worldwide if you’re not on the Island that long!)

We offer sessions every day all summer.

If you’re looking for other authentic, PEI experiences, check out this complete listing.

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Hello world!

Welcome to our new and much improved website!

We’ve been listening carefully to customer feedback and are introducing an online store for your shopping convenience. We’ve also added much better search capabilities so finding your ideal product is even easier. You can search by colour, size, style or form. All products now feature prices, names, weights and dimensions. We know that’s hardly a revolution in the world on online stores but it’s not what we had before! One thing to remember about weights and dimensions is that they will vary as all of our work is handmade. Each piece we make is beautifully unique and crafted with passion and purpose.

Island Stoneware product display table
Retail Shop in our Studio

The other new component to the website is a blog. It feels like a bit of pressure at the outset, doesn’t it? I expect the blog will be feature my love affair with pottery as a central theme. It is, after all, one of the reasons we bought a pottery studio. I think, too, it will look at the creative process and how it is that we find our inspirations and transform them into products. We have a whole team of talented craftspeople who work year round to make Island Stoneware and the creative energy abounds.

Please enjoy the new website and have a tour around.