Using your pottery

    Can I put Island Stoneware pottery in the oven?

    • Yes, all our pottery is oven safe to 425F.

    Can I put Island Stoneware pottery in the dishwasher?

    • Yes, all our pottery is dishwasher safe.

    Can I put Island Stoneware pottery in the microwave?

    • Yes, all our pottery is microwave safe.

    Will my pottery get hot in the microwave and oven?

    • Yes, your pottery will get hot in the microwave, including the handle.

    Custom Pottery

    Do you make custom pottery?

    • Yes, we do custom work. Our minimum order is 50-100 pieces depending on the nature of the piece. Contact us to learn more.

    Can you put my company logo on pottery?

    • Yes, we do custom, branded products with your logo. Our minimum order is 50-100 pieces depending on the nature of the project. Contact us to learn more.
    • We currently make branded mugs for UPEI, St. Francis Xavier, the University of Lethbridge, the CBC and more.

    Learning Pottery

    Does Island Stoneware offer lessons?

    • We offer 2-hour "Play in Clay" workshops which featuring building pottery from slab using forms (think putting a pie crust in a pie shell
    • We do not offer lessons using the potter's wheel

    Why don't you offer lessons using the potter's wheel?

    • Our business, including our studio layout, equipment and staffing, is designed around making and selling pottery

    • Teaching pottery would require a different studio design, more equipment and different staffing. At this time, we have no plans to offer lessons using the potter's wheel

    Where can I take classes using a potter's wheel?

    Broken pottery

    I broke my pottery, can I glue it back together?

    • Yes, you can glue our pottery using an epoxy or superglue.
    • Tip: Check to see if your adhesive is food safe before applying it to a spot where it may come in contact with food.

    I broke the lid for my dish, can I buy a new lid?

    • Maybe. Vessels and lids are made at the same time and lids are trimmed to fit the specific vessel for which it was made. Because pottery shrinks during the drying and firing process, vessels and lids are always kept together to maintain the best fit.
    • It is possible for us to make new lids but we require the actual vessel in the studio as a reference. Multiple lids will have to be made to try and create a good fit. It is unlikely the new lid will fit as well as the original lid. Prices will vary depending on the size and type of lid. For more information, please contact us.

    Buying from our online store

    Will my pottery look exactly like the website picture?

    • Almost. All our pottery is handmade which means there will be variations size, colour and shape.

    How much will it cost to ship my pottery?

    • It varies. However, we have a shipping calculator built into the checkout page of our online shop. After you enter your address at checkout in our online shop, you will see the exact cost to ship your your item(s) to the shipping address entered.

    Do you sell your pottery near me?

    • We might! Check out our list of retailers to see if there is a retailer near you. If we don't sell at a shop near you, you can also buy from us here and have your pottery shipped any where in the world.

    Wholesale orders

    Do you wholesale your pottery?

    • Yes, a significant part of our business is wholesale. We currently ship from coast-to-coast in Canada. Contact us to learn more.

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