Registrations for summer workshops are closed. We will publish a schedule of fall workshops in early September. We are working on some new ideas for you!

Our Play in Clay pottery making workshops offer a 2-hour, hands-on pottery making experience. Come and feel the joy that comes from working clay by hand and transforming it into your own work of art. It is the joy of making!

Here is how it works

  • Our minimum booking is $300. This covers from 1 to 4 people. After that, the cost per participant is $75. Our maximum capacity is 12 people. When you book online, the only option is to register for the minimum of 4 participants for $300. If you're group is larger, please use the Notes section at check out to tell us the full size of your group. The additional participants can pay before the workshop begins.
  • This workshop is building from slab (it's like putting a pie crust in a pie shell). You will not be using a potter's wheel in this workshop.
  • Browse from the dozens of forms to select the pieces you want to make. Up to 3 pieces are included in your workshop fee, depending on size. You can make as many additional pieces as you wish and pay as you go. The price for additional pieces is $12 for small, $14 for medium and $18 for large.
  • Plan your pottery design (you can also get inspired by our many samples)
  • Let go of your need to make it perfect and enjoy the moment of building pottery from slab!
  • Leave your work of art with us to be professionally glazed and kiln-fired.
  • Your finished pieces will be ready approximately 4 weeks after your session.

What to expect

  • You're going to get your hands dirty! Your sight will be filled with beautiful, inspiring finished pottery handmade in our studio and by our artisans at work alongside you.
  • You will smell the earthy aroma of wet clay being worked and experience the joy of playing in the mud.
  • Shipping can be arranged for an additional fee.

Q: Will I be using the potter's wheel?
A: No, this workshop is building from slab (think putting a pie crust in a pie shell and you have the idea). 
Q: Do you offer courses to learn throwing on the wheel?
A: No, we do not.
Q: Do you plan to offer courses to learn throwing on the wheel?
A: Not at this time. If you are looking to learn throwing on the wheel, you can check out the PEI Potters' Studio.
Q: I'm just one person, can I get put on a list to be with others to make up a group of 4?
A: Not at this time. A majority of customers are telling us they prefer to be in groups of people that they know due to COVID. 
Q: Do you offer children's birthday parties?
A: Yes and no. The workshop is not targeted at a specific age group. Our best guidance is this: if the participant can focus on a single activity for 2 hours then it is an appropriate activity. The workshop provides facilitation and guides participants through each step of the pottery making process. Child supervision is not offered and children 12 and under must have an adult present. A supervising adult is only charged a registration fee if making pottery.