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We translate our surroundings into product styles and glaze colours that reflect our island’s heritage and natural landscape. You can shop our products by glaze colour or style. Feel free to mix and match to create your own customized Island Stoneware collection.

Unique Styles

Our stoneware is crafted from a custom clay mix sourced from six American states and two Canadian provinces. It contains iron oxide which gives the baked clay a distinct red colour, mimicking PEI’s world famous red sand beaches.

Island Original

We’ve been creating our Island Original collection since our studio opened in 2007. It’s a classic combination of soft shapes, smooth forms, and rich glazes.
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Celtic Knot

Prince Edward Island is rich with the heritage of Irish and Scottish immigrants. Our Celtic Knot collection is a symbol of this history.
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Island Tide

Time on Prince Edward Island is dictated by ocean tides; they come in, they go out, they’re a lovely rhythm in our daily lives. Our Island Tide collection is inspired by this rhythm.
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Maple Leaf

We’re proud Islanders and Canadians. Our Maple Leaf collection brings together the red sand of a Maritime beach and a classic symbol of Canada.
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Island Home

Welcome home to PEI, Canada’s Garden Isle and the birthplace of confederation. We live in a place of amazing history, bountiful food and extraordinary Maritime hospitality.
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Fiddlehead Fern

Each spring our garden isle gifts the most amazing creation, the fiddlehead fern. Left to grow they unfurl into wild green fronds that carpet island forests.
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Island Vintage

Do you remember your Grandmother’s china, delicate and precious with ornate decoration? Our Island Vintage collection is a contemporary interpretation of Granny’s china.
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Ocean Wave

Our Ocean Wave collection is reminiscent of a perfect day on the water. The movement of the waves create a soft rhythm to enjoy the clean air and bright sunshine.
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We spend hours walking the beaches of PEI, searching for ocean treasures that have washed up on our shores. We’re inspired by all that surrounds us.
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Rich Glazes

All of our glazes are mixed in our studio and stoneware is hand-dipped by our artisans. This crafted process is part of the charm of hand-made pottery and may result in slight colour variations from piece to piece.

Midnight Swim

Imagine a midnight swim at the height of hot summer with a full moon above and inky water below. Deep relaxed bliss.
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Thick Fog

We dream of a Sunday afternoon quietly rowing through a thick ocean fog with specs of our island peeking through the haze.
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Red Sand

We watch as children build intricate sandcastles and create drawings in the iron red Prince Edward Island sand.
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Pasture Green

We’re on an island drive between the North Cape and Summerside and we stop to breathe in the wet earth and green island grass.
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Pea Shoot

It’s early spring and our garden isle is waking from its winter rest. Small delicate green shoots start to appear amongst the tilled rows of dirt.
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Prince Edward Island boardwalks are weathered by time; grey wood smoothed by visitors’ feet, hot sun and ocean air.
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Summer Laundry

Islanders’ freshly washed sheets are hung to dry in the sun and wind. Coloured backyard flags flapping in the summer breeze.
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A small island home that’s nurtured many generations. Its shiplap siding is tired; weathered by wind, salt, and sun.
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Beach House

We crave beach house living. The blue of the water, the soft white of the sand and a quiet peacefulness broken only by the sound of a gull. Perfect island joy.
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Sea Grass

The tide is out and we’re wading through warm pools of water, searching for ocean creatures hidden amongst the sea grass.
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Evening Beachwalk

The sun is setting, turning the sky from pink to purple to a deep indigo blue. The vista is so captivating we don’t feel the waves tickling our feet.
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